We Rank Gigi Hadid’s Best Music Video Moments

Gigi Hadid Music Videos

Gigi Hadid is a woman of many talents. The 2016 iHeartRadio MMVA host is best known for her work on the catwalk, posing for everyone from Marc Jacobs to Victoria’s Secret. But this angel also knows her way around a music video set.

In 2015, Gigi made her music video directorial debut for DNCE’s infectious pop track “Cake By The Ocean,” proving she’s a force both in front of and behind the camera.

On June 19, Gigi will be busy hosting the biggest party of the year, but there’s also a good chance she’s going to be busy receiving requests from many of the performers to appear in their next music video. Because no one forgets a music video starring Gigi Hadid.

Here are Gigi Hadid’s six best music video moments.

6. “Flower,” Cody Simpson

NNEGST. Not nearly enough Gigi screen time.

5. “Surfboard,” Cody Simpson

Hadid’s ex Cody Simpson first cast his then-girlfriend Gigi in his “Surfboard” music video back in 2014. The Australian singer featured his beach babe throughout “Surfboard,” a move he didn’t copy when he shot his video for “Flower.” Wrong wave, Cody.

4. “Bad Blood,” Taylor Swift

It would be difficult for most people to stand out in one of the most star-studded gatherings of the world’s most beautiful women. But most people aren’t Gigi Hadid.

3. “Simple Things,” Miguel

Miguel and Gigi wander the streets of LA in slow motion until finally meeting up at the beach and falling into one another’s arms. Anyone else doing that much walking in sunny California while wearing leather would likely pass out, but these two are cool as cucumbers.

2. “How Deep Is Your Love,” Calvin Harris & Disciples

Calvin Harris did not get to the top of the music game by making bad decisions. That’s why when he scored Hadid for his “How Deep Is Your Love,” he knew to make Gigi the main focus for the four-minute video. Calvin Harris is about as handsome as they come, but even he knows his limits, and that includes trying to hold a candle next to Hadid.

1. “Pillowtalk,” Zayn

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid kept a tight lid on their relationship status in the early days, but once Zayn released his debut solo music video “Pillowtalk”, the chemistry between the two definitely made things Facebook official.