We Predict iHeartRadio MMVAs BFFs Based On Their Zodiac Sign


With so many performers and presenters at this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them decided to bring one of their Hollywood friends as their plus ones. But they may want to re-think the idea, because their potential new best friend could already be invited to the show! It may be hard to see Desiinger without Kanye West or Amber Rose without Blac Chyna, but we made it easy for these celebs to find their perfect, new best friend by comparing their Zodiac signs.

Alessia Cara & Jus Reign


It’s a surprise these two aren’t friends already because they both rep the same hometown of Brampton. These two water signs are equally emotional and are likely to have a trusting friendship that would provide a lot of emotional stimulation. Alessia Cara’s caring and dependable Cancer qualities will be a solid foundation for Scorpio Jus Reign’s resourcefulness and passion. Both signs are known for being great friends and loving to express themselves, making them less likely to have friendship-ruining secrets.

Shawn Mendes & Desiigner


This seems like an unlikely pair, but both of these fire signs are likely to get along because of their fiery passion for life. Shawn Mendes’ happy-go-lucky and cheerful Leo zest can mesh perfectly with Desiigner’s Aries activeness and enthusiasm. They are both optimistic signs, so though the fans may not be able to picture them collaborating any time soon, both of them may be confident they can make great music together once they meet. We shouldn’t be surprised if we hear they’re hanging together at an after party because these signs love to have fun!

Shemar Moore & Tegan and Sara


This trio would make perfect friends because they are all earth signs and are likely to be very grounded and practical people. Shemar Moore will love Tegan and Sara’s hard working and tender Virgo personalities while they will appreciate Moore’s patience and dependability that Tauruses are known for. They will be the perfect combination of heart (Taurus) and mind (Virgo). Don’t be surprised if they leave a party at the same time. Both signs will likely have work commitments the next day and would rather be responsible than party the night away.

Amber Rose & Lucy Hale


These two air signs will mesh with no problems because they both love to communicate. Don’t be surprised if they are the Chatty Cathys of the awards show and appear in everyone’s social media. Amber Rose’s sociable and co-operative Libra personality is likely to coincide with Lucy Hale’s fun-loving and expressive Gemini qualities. They both love mental stimulation, so girl chats about the latest news story or debates about political views are just around the corner.