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Watch Demi Lovato in The Story of Demi Episode 1 and 2

Posted on May 15th, 2013


MMVA performer Demi Lovato has experienced a whirlwind 2013. In addition to becoming a judge on Season 2 of the X Factor, Lovato also released her fourth studio album, Demi, yesterday. Lovato is giving fans a behind the scenes look into the making of her new ( and ah-mazing!!!) record in the two part series, The Story Of Demi.

In Episode 1, Demi and her team of songwriters discuss balancing her work on X Factor and her time in the studio, saying that Demi would sometimes have less than two hours to record a full song.

Demi also talks about anxiety surrounding the new disc, saying “This album is definitely more vulnerable than the last album. For the first time in my life I’m really nervous about people hearing some of the songs.” Demi goes on to say that although she’s experienced a lot of nerves with the release of the album, she’s proud of her new music, saying “I think it’s a next level kind of album for me.”

In Episode 2, Demi and her writing team discuss the making of some of the album’s more emotional songs, including Warrior and Nightingale, which Demi wrote for a friend who passed away when she was 13. Demi also talks about her pop-driven love song Made In the US, which is a patriotic track, but also a fun song about a couple falling in love in her native country.

Watch Demi Lovato perform at the 2013 MMVAs on Sunday, June 16.

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