The Ultimate Guide To Complementary Dressing With Tegan And Sara

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iHeartRadio MMVA performer’s and ultimate cool girls Tegan and Sara have totally mastered the art that is ~complementary dressing~. We like to loosely define this as: “When two (or more) persons consciously dress and present themselves in a way that unifies and/or contrasts the other(s) in an attempt to better highlight the other(s)’s outfit.”…but that’s just a loose description.

Do you want -in- on how to curate perfect matching outfits? FORA created a guide on how to match your BFF/sister/soulmate based on five main factors: pattern, colour, clothing item, beauty, and overall ~ vibe~.



You don’t need to have exact matching patterns to complement each other’s dress. Take a tip from Tegan and Sara and match florals that don’t actually match – but still complement each other super well. To make this more effective, never wear the pattern on the same clothing item. If one person is wearing a floral jacket the other should try to wear a bottom or accessory that works in a floral print.



1 [Dress, $49.90] 2 [Espadrilles, $140.85]



Colour is the easiest way to unify your outfits and make them aesthetically pleasing to those around you. Make sure the colours you’re wearing are very close matches, otherwise the technique will not be as effective. Avoid wearing a colour that your partner isn’t wearing – and if you do, add in something else. Ensure it’s either a neutral or it is a very small amount of another colour. –When in doubt, black it out- like Tegan and Sara. You can never go wrong with matching black and black. If you and your partner have different styles, colour allows you to unify while putting your own twist and individualizing your outfits. If you’re daring and ready to take it to the next level – add another colour and keep it matching for the ~ultimate~ effect.



1 [Bodysuit, $74] [Mesh Midi Skirt, $89] 2 [Coat, £89.00] [Playsuit, £32.00]



Another easy way to coordinate is to just simply wear similar clothing pieces, but again, do not make the mistake of wearing all the same clothing pieces and looking the exact same. Instead, match one or two pieces and make the rest different as a way to differentiate and individualize each outfit – while still looking ~fly~ standing next to each other. Not enough time to plan? Just plan on wearing moto jackets like Tegan and Sara to subtly coordinate for the day.



1 [Mom jeans, £42.00] [Circle glasses, $41] 2 [Mom jeans, $55.09] [Circle glasses, $62]



Completely opposing looks can be united by a ponytail and red lip. We’ve seen this on the streets and on the runways as well. A designer who has a vast collection will tie their whole show together with a unified beauty look. Tegan and Sara are no exception! You’ll always see them with matching makeup. For contrast use a glossy red shine and have your mate wear a matte lip, and use a similar hair texture (ex. loose curls), but leave your hair down and have your partner tie their’s up in a pony tail. Add winged eyeliner to tie your looks together!



1 [Matte Red Lipstick, $21] [Stila Eyeliner, $22] [Curling Iron, $169] 2 [Hair elastics, $4.50] [Shiny Red Lipstick, $30]



This is one of the hardest to match because if you don’t match it right – they won’t complement each other. Your vibe can really be anything from boho, to edgy, to classic, or even utilitarian. Once you and your partner have settled on a vibe, work together on each others’ outfits to ensure that the vibe is maintained throughout both looks and they both embody your style!



1 [White Tshirt, $30] [Slip Dress, $75] 2 [White Tank Top, $35] [Blue Pleated Culottes, £48.00]

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to just one factor while coordinating outfits, feel free to let your *wild side* loose and mix a few (or even all!) of the factors together to achieve the strongest look. But always remember that even though you’re dressing to complement each other – you should always stick to your gut and wear what makes you look and feel the best.

Don’t forget to catch our fav complementary chicks Tegan and Sara at the iHeartRadio MMVAs June 19!