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The Beckerman Sisters give their dogs music-inspired makeovers

Posted on May 15th, 2013


Our dogs Cubby and Marni LOVE the camera! They are Pomeranians and every time we say, “Who wants to do a photo shoot?” they come running to get dressed up! Sometimes we can barely take the photo because we’re laughing so hard from all the cuteness. They are very patient and a lot of the time they’ll photo bomb each other because they both want to be in the picture.

We rescued Cubby, who is the boy, ten years ago in New York. Marni, the girl, is nine years old and she’s the boss! We like to dress them up as our favorite rock stars and they get so in to it!

We do a lot of DIY accessories for them but the best accessories for dressing up dogs is actually from the H&M kids and babies section because it fits their little faces perfectly! We just had to dress Cubby up as the Biebs! Woof!

- The Beckerman Sisters

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