Tegan And Sara Battle The Property Brothers To Be The Ultimate Musical Twins

Canadian Twins

Being an entertainer is tough, but standing out when there’s someone that looks exactly like you? Even tougher. That’s why iHeartRadio MMVAs performers Tegan and Sara take their title as the Biggest Twins In Music seriously and why they’re ready to defend it.

The Love You To Death singers were recently challenged for their title by Jonathan and Drew Scott, best known as the twins who are HGTV have a number of shows on HGTV, including Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, and Brother Vs Brother. The contractor and real estate agents have recently branched out, dropping their own hit tracks and effectively throwing down the gauntlet for Tegan and Sara’s title.

Hot off the heels of Tegan and Sara’s huge new single, “Boyfriend,” the Scott brothers decided to release a similar song titled, “Girlfriend.” The two sets of twins go head-to-head, comparing twin telepathy, birth times and things they were conjoined by at birth. What would Mary Kate and Ashley do? Stop at nothing to twin.

Watch as the two sets of twins battle to be the Biggest Twins In Music only to be beat by someone we’re pretty sure isn’t twinning.

Don’t miss Tegan and Sara performing at the 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, June 19!


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