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Take a first look at photos from inside the MMVA BlackBerry Lounge

Posted on June 17th, 2013

MMVA BlackBerry Lounge

Hey friends, it’s April here!

Last night’s MMVAs were so crazy and amazing, but sadly the countdown is finally over (until next year, obvi). It’s been such a hectic month but by showtime, all the hard work had paid off. Team Liz brought their A-game to both the 2013 Red Carpet and MMVA BlackBerry Lounge.

Throughout the night the lounge was packed with celebrity guests and performers dropping by to chat and hang out with us. It was such a great way to cap off the month and the big show.

Check out these photos I took of Liz and T-RexXx with their MMVA BlackBerry Lounge guests. I used my smartphone’s Camera with Time Shift mode. My BlackBerry’s camera captures seconds before and after you take a picture, to give you the option to choose at which point you look your best.

With this feature I was able to photograph some of the night’s hottest guests and make sure they looked picture perfect!

BlackBerry Lounge Austin Mahone

Texan cutie Austin Mahone dropped in to chat about his first time as a presenter at the MMVAs.

BlackBerry Lounge Degrassi girls

The lovely ladies from Degrassi were able to add to our MMVA story board during their visit. By the end of the show, the board got pretty interesting.

BlackBerry Lounge DWW Jedward

No big deal guys, it’s just Jedward and Down with Webster on the same couch! Only the MMVA BlackBerry Lounge can bring artists together like this. So dope!

BlackBerry Lounge Degrassi

Demetrius Joyette and Munro Chambers from Degrassi stopped by and obviously things got a bit crazy.

BlackBerry Lounge Ed Sheeran

Everybody’s fave Brit boy came to chat with us in the MMVA BlackBerry Lounge. Check out his sweet Toronto Blue Jays t-shirt. Maybe we can make Ed an honorary Canadian?

BlackBerry Lounge Trevor Armin

Trevor Guthrie and Armin van Buuren brought the cool factor with them to the lounge.

Watch the MMVA BlackBerry Lounge over again online here!

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