Get The Summer Look From Fan Fave Artist Nominees

Are you shopping for your summer wardrobe? Luckily, the MMVA Fan Fave nominees are full of summer style tips and wearing the hottest trends. Here’s how to get some of the nominees’ looks below.


This summer seventeen isn’t about revenge, but ballin’ in an OVO jersey and soaking up more life in a pair of flower embroidered shorts. Don’t forget to take cover from the sun and get more chune for your head top with an OVO hat.

[OVO Hat, $48] [Sunglasses, $21] [OVO Jersey, $118] [Embroidered Shorts, $60]


Taking inspiration from the “Green Light” music video, Lorde’s party look is perfect for summer soirees. She adds a sprinkle of athleisure flair with a pair of Adidas Superstars. Then for her makeup look, she’s luminous in highlighter and her coral lip is beachy keen.

[Dress, $81] [Highlighter, $28] [Adidas, $100] [Lip + Cheek Colour, $36]

Katy Perry

We can’t get “Chained To The Rhythm” out of our heads, so why not keep the party going and recreate Katy’s purr-fect beauty look in her music video? Katy kills it in a bright pink lip and winged blue eyeshadow. If you want to go all the way, dye your hair a pastel pink that sends us back to Katy’s Teenage Dream cotton candy scented CD.

[Angled Eyeshadow Brush, $34] [Eyeshadow Palette, $49] [Pink Hair Dye, $25] [Bite Beauty Lipstick, $30]


Feel “Glowed Up” in Kaytra’s casual wear that oozes 99.9% chill vibes only. All you need for this skate-inspired outfit are a pair of overalls, Vans and a ringer T-shirt.

[Eyeglasses, $150] [Ringer T-shirt, $23] [Overalls, $70] [Vans, $95]


The coolest girl in Canada gives us a “Realiti” check in her ‘Venus Fly’ music video sporting a peach lip, funky sunnies, statement nails and her hair slicked back in a high ponytail.

[Sunglasses, $35] [Styling Gel, $25] [Earrings, $15] [Nail Wraps, $18] [Bite Beauty Lipstick, $30]