One Direction Songs You Didn’t Know Were Co-Written By Niall Horan

If his recently released singles “This Town,” “Slow Hands” and “On the Loose” are any indication of what’s to come, Niall Horan’s debut solo LP will be worth the wait. Horan recently told Billboard the album won’t be out till the end of this fall/beginning of winter, but it’s clear he’s been putting his musical talents to work.

Horan may be strong vocally, and was One Direction’s main instrumentalist, but he’s also a talented songwriter. From the earlier days of One Direction’s upbeat pop songs, to the acoustic ballads leading up to the British boy band’s breakup, here are some songs you didn’t know Niall Horan had a hand in writing.


“Never Enough” – One Direction

One of Horan’s later writing credits for One Direction, “Never Enough” shows the bands growth and maturity on their final album Made In The A.M. Horan previously told Entertainment Weekly this is also one of the songs he’s most proud of, not just because he wrote it but because “it was kind of a new sound that we had never tried before and I had never really written in that sound either.”


Night Changes” – One Direction

With the later One Direction albums, the boy band started experimenting with more mature sounds, and “Night Changes” is a prime example. This soft-rock track was a group writing effort from all the band members, including in-house writers John Ryan, Jamie Scott and Julian Bunetta—one of the masterminds behind Horan’s second single “Slow Hands.” Yet, the slow melody and smooth vocals are most similar to Horan’s new solo music.


“Temporary Fix” – One Direction

Off One Direction’s 2015 album Made In The A.M., “Temporary Fix” was primarily written by Horan. The song is an upbeat track that effortlessly mixes catchy lyrics with a pop-rock sound, showcasing Horan’s full range of talents as a singer, songwriter and an instrumentalist.


“Don’t Forget Where You Belong” – One Direction

Horan wrote this sensitive track alongside British pop-rock band McFly. “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” is from One Direction’s 2013 album Midnight Memories and is one of the band’s more memorable anthems about being kind to a friend, partner or fan—while reminding listeners of One Direction’s humble beginnings.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Horan loves this song, saying it “gets a good reaction during shows, and yeah, when I was writing it there was a lot of sentiment behind it.”

“Wolves” – One Direction

Written along side ex-bandmate Liam Payne, “Wolves” was a bonus track added to Made In The A.M.. An acoustic version of this song would easily fit in alongside Horan’s new music.

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