From Vine To Radio, Ruth B Proves She’s Here To Stay


Stars are made every day, but very few have the power to go from social media to super stardom in only a few years. Ruth B got her start posting covers of popular songs on Vine and quickly picked up traction with her soft, folk voice. It was a six-second posting of an original track that led the 20-year-old to writing her first full-length song. Once she began focusing on her love of singing and song writing, Ruth B’s life hasn’t been the same since.

This year, Ruth B will perform on the iHeartRado MMVAs red carpet and is also a Fan Fave Vine Musician nominee, proving just how much the star has sky-rocketed into our hearts. Here is a look at the young star’s rise to fame from growing up in Edmonton to taking over Hollywood.

May 2013

Ruth B created her Vine account a few months after the app’s launch. She originally used the app to post random videos of her and her friends and discover other members’ clips. At the time, she didn’t believe singing could be accomplished in the short, six seconds of time the app allows users to create content.

“I didn’t think to sing on it because the idea of trying to capture a song in six seconds didn’t even seem real at the time,” she expressed on her YouTube channel.

June 2013

Ruth posted her first singing Vine a month after she created her account, but at the time only her friends followed her and the Vine didn’t get very far. She continued to post her mini covers alongside funny videos with her family and friends.

December 2014

Ruth posted a Vine of her singing an original song inspired by a Peter Pan episode of Once Upon A Time. When she went to write that night, the fairy tale theme was still in her head. Since she always loved story telling and music, she wanted to combine her two loves together by writing her first song, titled “Lost Boy.” The Vine gained 84,000 likes in just a week.

January 2015

Because of the popularity of “Lost Boy,” Ruth posted a full-length version of the song on her YouTube channel, which has since gained over two million views. She wanted to show her audience that she was more than just six-second clips. She explained to Rolling Stone how the premise of the full song came into fruition:

“When I posted the Vine it was all about the show and like pixie dust and faeries. But when I sat down to write it, I really wanted to make sure that it was relatable and honest. I kind of just put myself in the shoes of a lost boy. Where would I want to go? Who would I want to see? Who would I want to run from? What do I want to feel?”

April 2015

Though she continued to post Vines of covers and silly videos, it wasn’t until she covered Drake’s “Shot For Me” that she started to gain a bunch of followers and likes. This encouraged her to keep singing as her follower count continued to steadily rise.

July 2015

Record labels started to take notice of the star after “Lost Boy” reached in the Top 100 in iTunes without any promotion. In the end, she signed with Columbia Records because she felt they understood her and her vision the best.


November 2015

Ruth B went to Brooklyn to record her debut EP The Intro. It was released last November and included four original songs all penned by the songstress. Song writing has come easy to the artist as she finds inspiration in everyday life, whether it’s a conversation she heard or something she saw: “‘Lost Boy’ was kind of that switch for me where writing and singing became one. Now the thing I’m obsessed with is writing songs,” she told Rolling Stone.

May 2016

Finally, the official “Lost Boy” video was released. The ballad is accompanied by fairy tale-themed imagery favouring Alice in Wonderland over Peter Pan. The furniture in the room is suspended in the air on strings and are dramatically cut during the last, powerful chorus. Dancers wearing all-white dresses are mystically dancing in the air as Ruth plays a rustic, wooden piano.


“Lost Boy” is gold-certified in the U.S. and currently sits at No. 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has even charted in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium. It’s hard to say what the budding star will do next, but Ruth is certain about one thing: “I feel like I really discovered what I’m meant to do, which is write songs,” she said in Rolling Stone.



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