All The Times Lilly Singh Proved She’s The Biggest Wrestling Superfan

It’s no secret that Lilly Singh is one of the biggest wrestling fans in the world. The YouTuber has dedicated many of her videos to her love of the sport and even more videos to her love of Dwayne Johnson, who famously got his start in Hollywood on the WWE as The Rock.

Lilly definitely smelled what the People’s Eyebrow was cooking. The two have collaborated on a number of videos, including Singh giving Johnson a ‘tour’ of YouTube when he launched his own channel. Mostly recently, Singh shot a video for Johnson’s birthday, rapping the Sexiest Man Alive’s biggest credentials.

Even though The Rock has already nabbed the number one spot in Singh’s heart, the WWE fan has enough love to fill a Summer Slam stadium. After launching her YouTube channel and creating a worldwide following, Singh has met a number of her wrestling idols, including Mark Henry.

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Singh has also been inspired by many female wrestlers, including Stephanie McMahon from the famous wrestling family dynasty.

Two other wrestlers Lilly has admired are the Bella twins, Brie and her sister Nikki, who is scheduled to present for the first time at this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs. Lilly and Nikki are longtime friends, with their love both for wrestling and one another well documented on their social media pages.

Fans of the WWE Superstar know that Nikki wrestled solo for the past two years while sister Brie took time off to start a family. Of course, this left a huge hole in the Bella Twin fandom, one that Lilly was more than happy to help fill.

In a hilarious video for the Bella Twins YouTube channel, Lilly tries out a number of characters in hopes of becoming the new Bella Twin. There was Bruiser Bella, Underbella, Basic Bella, and Lilly Bella. Things took a sour turn when Lilly imitated Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan and his style of wrestling, but then it got straight up out of control when Lilly suggested she ‘borrow’ Brie’s catchphrase and enter ‘Lilly Mode.’ We wouldn’t mess with WWE Superstars, pregnant or not. Personally, we really liked the ‘Singh Shot.’ Alliteration is big in the WWE.

Don’t miss Nikki Bella and Lilly Singh reunite on the red carpet as presenters at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, June 18 at 9E/6P.