Our Much Creators Covered The Heck Out Of The 2016 iHeartRadio MMVAs


You’re not the only one who had a blast at this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs—here’s a roundup of our Much Creators’ amazing YouTube coverage throughout the big weekend.

Baker Twins

In collaboration with fellow Much creator Tanya Zhang, the Baker Twins promoted the iHeartRadio MMVAs with a humorous one minute video. Need a hand figuring out what to wear to a special occasion? Don’t be afraid to ask the Baker Twins.


MissFenderr discusses her iHeartRadio MMVAs weekend, a time frame which she can only describe as the “craziest weekend of my life.” She talks about filming an impromptu Much commercial in her airplane clothes and being styled by a legit stylist for the first time.

Jaclyn Forbes

In two new vlogs, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber Jaclyn Forbes takes us on her behind-the-scenes journey of the jam-packed weekend. Forbes does The Livi and even tries to sneak up on a James Bay rehearsal.

Laurier Lachance

To commemorate this year’s iHeartRadio MMVAs, singer Laurier Lachance performed a mash-up of songs from our major nominees.


Emilie Carrey challenges other Much creators to beatboxing battles.


Aspiring interior designer Deejdesign vlogs his last-minute iHeartRadio MMVAs outfit hunt.

Melissa Merk

Beauty and fashion creator Melissa Merk shows us her experience filming for MTV FORA and shows snippets from her meet and greet. We also get to follow her on the hunt for some of our favourite celebrities. (Hi, Shemar Moore.)


Brothers Trey and Jae were in desperate need of some dates over the weekend. Inspired by the upcoming movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Trey and Jae invite us on the journey to find the perfect plus ones.


Christian Cantelon take us on his personal journey from picking his custom-made shoes to going home after the star-studded after party.

Tanya Zhang

Walk the red carpet with Tanya Zhang and the other Much Creators and get an inside look at what happens backstage.

Devon Crawford

Vlogger Devon Crawford brings us on his weekend of a lifetime at our Much HQ.

Naomi Elle

Naomi Elle also takes a trip to Toronto to attend our show. In her vlog, she hangs with some of our other Much Creators and walks the red carpet.

Camille Co

Mike On Much

Hosted by Mike Veerman, the Mike on Much podcast interviews some of our biggest iHeartRadio MMVA celebs. If you’re a Tegan and Sara, July Talk or Tyler Posey fan, this won’t disappoint.


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