Lorde Drops New Track ‘Perfect Places’ One Day Early

It was in 2013 that a then-16-year-old Lorde unleashed her stunning debut Pure Heroine, catapulting herself to superstardom and becoming one of the most famous faces in the world. After a self-imposed hiatus that felt like a decade for many fans, Lorde has now returned with a new album and batch of songs that show even more growth and maturity from an artist that has always been beyond her years. Still, it’s easy to forget that the voice of a generation is still of that generation, with Lorde just recently making her way into adulthood. In her new single “Perfect Places,” Lorde reveals she still has a lot to learn and as usual, she’s figuring things out through her music.

After teasing the lyrics on her Instagram account this week, Lorde has now dropped “Perfect Places” a day ahead of its previously scheduled June 2 release. In interviews about her new album Melodrama, Lorde has stated that many songs are largely inspired by time spent partying with friends in her native New Zealand, a fact that is ringing true in “Perfect Places.”

Playing like “Royals 2.0,” this time around, Lorde shuns her former wallflower tendencies and puts her legal drinking age status into full effect. Continuing to question what there is to be gained from a night of debauchery with friends, Lorde opens the song singing, “Every night I live and die / Feel the party to my bones / Watch the wasters blow the speakers / Spill my guts beneath the outdoor light / It’s just another graceless night.”

“Perfect Places” follows Lorde’s first two singles “Green Light” and “Liability” from Melodrama, which is set to be released on June 16. The album’s co-writer Jack Antonoff can be heard on the backing vocals for “Perfect Places,” with the song’s intro giving us flashbacks of “Team.” Acting as the most purely pop track we’ve yet to hear from Lorde’s entire discography, “Perfect Places” boasts a chorus begging to be sung back to the pop star in a packed stadium.

Musing about one night stands and dancing through the pain of disturbing headlines, Lorde has moved beyond the teen years of Pure Heroine and come face-to-face with the reality that age doesn’t bring solutions, but instead different mountains to climb. The life questions get bigger, the desire to discover your true self becomes stronger, and the search for your place in the world continues. But at least, even for just a few minutes, you can dance it all away.

Don’t miss Lorde performing at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, June 18 at 9E/6P.