Lorde Reveals The Inspiration Behind ‘Melodrama’

Lorde is dropping her highly anticipated sophomore studio album Melodrama on June 16, just two days before she makes her return to the iHeartRadio MMVA stage on Sunday, June 18.

After taking a step away from the public eye following the success of Pure Heroine, Lorde is back, armed with a new list of songs and lots of questions from her millions of adoring fans. Lorde recently sat down with Rolling Stone magazine for a cover story interview and discussed what it felt like to say goodbye to her teens and turn her heartbreak into music.

In the new interview, Lorde reveals that all of the experiences in Melodrama were based on time she spent in her home country of New Zealand. “Everything written about on the album, give or take a couple of lines, all took place in New Zealand, is about me and my friends,” she explains.

After spending time at home, Lorde made frequent trips to New York to write with Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff, who co-wrote and co-produced the new album. “I would go [to New Zealand] and do everything that I end up writing about, and then I’d fly 10,000 miles and write about it,” Lorde told Rolling Stone. “I felt having the distance was really important for me. I really needed the freedom to be like, ‘This is what I’m gonna say about this person.'”

Speaking candidly about her fears going into writing and recording the follow-up to the Grammy winning Pure Heroine, Lorde says she wasn’t sure she had a second album inside her. “There was a real hit of, like, ‘I just don’t have another one. It could never be good enough.'”

During a heightened time of anxiety, Antonoff sent the singer back to New Zealand to spend a month getting her thoughts together. “Everyone was like, ‘Get out of here,’ ” she says. “They barreled me out of the studio, and flicked me across the globe.”

Calling her 2013 debut disc an ‘accidental miracle,’ Lorde says she’s continuing to push boundaries. “Obviously I would want people to like the music, but in terms of being like Drake, how he’s always pushing the culture forward musically? I know what my strengths are, and I think that would have given me a hernia or something.”

As for what’s to come after her new album drops, Lorde has her to-do list ready to go. This includes getting her driver’s license and going back to school. “I think that moment’s going to come where I’m like, ‘OK, let’s listen to someone else talk about what it means to be a human being’.” As for the rest of us, we still want to listen to Lorde.

Check out an addition on-camera interview between Lorde and Rolling Stone Magazine below.