A Guide To KJ Apa’s Enviable ‘Riverdale’ Friendships

Take one look at Instagram, and it quickly becomes no mystery that the stars from Riverdale are super close. iHeartRadio MMVA presenter KJ Apa, AKA Archie Andrews, and his fellow cast members are actually more than super close, they’re BFF status. We’re stoked that Riverdale brought everyone’s favourite Archie comics to life, and has been renewed for another season, because we just can’t get enough of watching this radical TV makeover.

Here’s a little guide to the lifelong friendships that the Archie-meets-Twin Peaks series has birthed. (SPOILER ALERT: There’s a sprinkle of revealing plotlines, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.)


Cole Sprouse

Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones have nothing on KJ and Cole Sprouse’s bromance IRL. In Riverdale, the teen drama reveals how Archie and Jughead are working to rebuild a friendship that took a detour in the past. Here’s how.

True friendship is taking photos of each other in the desert.

Death Valley

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And it’s also camping in a decked-out Jeep with your best friend, which is the only way to fulfill each other’s wanderlust.

This is the shot if I’ve ever seen one

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Throwback to that one time Sprouse hacked Apa’s Twitter account. Classic Cole pulling pranks just like on his Suite Life days.

Lili Reinhart

In the comics, Archie and Betty are the ultimate OTP. On Riverdale, Betty and Archie have been longtime best friends, and we can only hope that something more will spark, just like in the comics. But IRL, Reinhart and Apa are close confidants and they totally show it.

When the cameras aren’t rolling, it’s still all laughs and good times with Apa and Reinhart.

This guy ☝#Riverdale

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Sprouse caught these two finding shade and sipping drinks at Coachella’s first weekend.

Camila Mendes

Archie on Riverdale isn’t all innocent with his boy-next-door looks, and Veronica totally called him out on it in the first episode. But things definitely took a turn when we witnessed it getting serious between Veronica and Archie. Then, in the season finale they made it official and told the crew. In real life, however, Mendes and Apa are best buddies on and off the Vancouver set where Riverdale is filmed.

Real friends remember your birthday and post about it on the ‘gram.

Happy b day girly

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Mendes and Apa are clearly partners in crime and pros at sneaky selfies.

The real love triangle of the year

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The Riverdale Crew

You can always catch the Riverdale squad off set during their downtime. When you spend all day long working together, you build close relationships—we can’t help but notice how tight the cast is.

When you spot Josie (Ashleigh Murray), Archie and Betty eating somewhere other than Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe.

muchachos guapos!!!!!!

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Betty, Jughead, Veronica and Archie dressed to the nines to make up this “dream team.”

Dream team

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The gang’s all here, but we just want to know what “little secrets” they have about season two.

The gang.

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Apa sans Archie’s iconic red hair posts up with Mendes and Reinhart, but the heart-wrenching caption is such a tease. #LoveTriangles

Who will it be? #riverdale

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You only bring your true friends to Coachella, right?

each sold separately, batteries not included ( : @colesprouse )

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As purr usual, Archie is in yet another love triangle, but this time it’s with the Pussycats.

That’s a wrap on the Pussycats! @hayleaulaw @kjapa #Riverdale #ArchieComics

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