Listen To Julia Michael’s Killer New Track ‘Uh Huh’

Julia Michaels seemingly burst onto the music scene in January with her breakout single “Issues,” but the 23-year-old songwriter had been at the top of the charts for years. Working with Selena Gomez, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani and more, Michaels and her writing partner Justin Tratner have been responsible for some of the biggest hits of the past five years (take a look at our list of favourites here).

When it came to Michael’s emotional earworm “Issues,” the songwriter decided she had finally written a song too personal to give away, instead using the song to launch her own pop career. Years spent in the recording studio with the biggest names in pop music doubled as the greatest master class ever for Michaels, who eventually took the leap from writer to solo singer, a move that comes both with preexisting connections in the music world and the added pressure of high expectations.

Like Bruno Mars, Sia, Frank Ocean and more songwriters turned singers, transitioning from a successful career based on writing for others to one where you’re essentially a brand new artist to the public is daunting to say the least, but like the aforementioned names, Michael’s move from the booth to the stage has been an undeniable success.

Just dropped today, Michaels has debuted the follow up to “Issues” with the raw, gritty and original single “Uh Huh.” Invoking traces of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs mixed with a late 90’s guitar-driven R&B feel, Michaels sexually-charged track is just as catchy as “Issues,” with an added level of endorphin-filled freedom in both the chorus and musical arrangement. Laced with surprising elements of piano and layered choral vocals, “Uh Huh” will undoubtedly become the go-to song for listeners looking for a song to make them feel freaking great. Prepare to have “Uh Huh” on repeat all day.

Don’t miss Julia Michaels performing at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs along with Camila Cabello, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Arkells, DNCE, Niall Horan, Jazz Cartier, Iggy Azalea and Post Malone on Sunday, June 18 at 9E/6P.