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How to Pack the Ultimate MMVA Survival Bag

Posted on June 10th, 2013


It’s April here, Liz’s trusty assistant for the MMVAs. We’re counting down to the MMVAs with BlackBerry and with less than one week, it’s time to get packing. Six more days until the MuchMusic Video Awards. Six days until we get to see Demi Lovato perform live onstage. Six days until Cody Simpson charms us all with his adorable Aussie accent. Six days until we Gangnam Style with PSY!! Can you handle it?!

It’s okay, we still have some time to prepare ourselves. Whether you’re rehearsing all day at MUCH, or waiting in line to get your spot in the parking lot, I’ve got you covered with my magic bag of essentials that will help you survive MMVA weekend.

Follow these quick tips and check out what I have packed for Liz to keep her on her moving easily all weekend long:

Always be hydrated and refreshed

Staying hydrated is mega important (FYI this tip applies to most outdoorsy activities). I make sure to pack at least one bottle of water for myself and Liz. I suggest bringing a refillable bottle. It’s eco-friendly and easier to refill on the go. Keeping Liz’s throat in check is important for long days of interviews and rehearsals. And for you, if you’re not hydrated you can’t sing, and cheer and scream for your fave MMVA guest. You’ve been saving your screams for this long; it’s almost time to finally set them free.

Don’t go hungry, stay happy

Keeping some light snacks packed away can always help when you start to get tired or hungry. I like to pack Liz a mix of fresh fruit and easy to carry items like granola bars.

Always stay on schedule

My BlackBerry Z10 has been so helpful during MMVA preparations and will be essential for the big weekend. The smartphone is built to help keep Liz and I moving, and with it’s photo and video features, I can snap pictures on the go, creating amazing MMVA memories. Also, the easy to use BlackBerry Hub helps me to work seamlessly with Liz’s schedule, contacts and social media. The feature is so great because I can quickly complete multiple things at once, giving you the inside look even faster.

Keep your pretty faces protected

Mr. Sun please, please … please shine down on us. It’s okay, we have our bag packed, so we will be prepared for you. Stay cool and look even cooler in an awesome pair of sunglasses and hat. Liz and I never leave the house without our sunnies to protect our eyes. Long days outside can leave your eyes sore and your head burnt, so protect them! The same goes for your skin. Waiting outside to catch a glimpse MMVA guests is fun, but you’re going to need some sunscreen to keep your skin from turning red.

Stay glamorous

I like to throw in a small hairbrush, some face blotting pads, Band-Aids, and baby wipes for Liz. You never know who you’re going to run into around MMVA time, and a little hair refresher has never hurt anybody, am I right?

Always be prepared for a dance party

Music makes the world go round. Well, for my world at least. Keeping a pair of headphones with you is a great way to pass time. I can play music off of my BlackBerry and relax on my own, or blast it so everyone can have a dance break. Check out what Liz and I are listening to here, and make your own MMVA playlist!

Are you coming down to the show on June 16th? Tweet us @LizTrinnear and let us know what’s in your bag!

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