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Go backstage with Chloe as she preps for the MMVAs!

Posted on June 12th, 2013


We ran into Chloe when she was getting prepped for her very first MMVAs and managed to get her to answer a few of our very important questions. Want to know what Chloe’s fave MMVA moment was? Or how about the artist she’s most looking forward to meeting? Read on below!

What are you going to be doing for the MMVAs?

I will be walking down the red carpet and having a camera follow me documenting my experience for the behind the scenes show which airs on Monday, June 17! If I’m being completely honest I’ve had dreams where I bail and tumble down the red carpet… here’s hoping my first walk down a red carpet is a graceful one!

What’s your favourite MMVA moment?

My favourite MMVA moment is from last year when Katy Perry performed and transformed into a butterfly. This may sound cheesy but my mom used to call me her little caterpillar when I was younger and at a certain point in my teenage years she switched and called me her beautiful butterfly – totally cheesy but true! So when Katy Perry actually had a metamorphosis on live TV it brought back a lot of memories and I instantly felt connected to the performance.


Who are you looking forward to seeing at the 2013 MMVAs?

There are so many great artists and actors attending this year’s MMVAs that it’s hard to narrow it down, but I will say that I am a sucker for boys with acoustic guitars so naturally Ed Sheeran is someone I’m really excited to see. Also, with the VJ search changing my life, I have a soft spot in my heart for Down With Webster’s single One In A Million, so I’m crossing my fingers that’s the song they perform this coming Sunday.

What have you been doing to prep for MMVA madness?

In order to prep for this year’s MMVAs I have been chatting with the other VJs about their years of experience, I also watched last years red carpet special and award show again to get a feel for what’s going to go down on Sunday and then of course trying to learn as much as I can about the artists and actors that are making appearances! No matter how much I prepare, I’m still going to be a bundle of nerves and excitement come Sunday, I mean come on, it’s the MMVAs for crying out loud!!!

What’s the best piece of advice the other VJs have given you?

Enjoy it. Try not to stress too much and just absorb all the excitement!


Any hints as to what you’re gonna wear to the MMVAs?

I am very excited about my SHOES. All I will say is that they are funky and fresh.

Do you have a message for the Wilde Ones?

HEY YOU! YEAH, YOU! I knoooooow you’re a Wilde One, so make sure to watch all the craziness and amazing performances this Sunday and tune in an hour before the live show for the red carpet special to see little old me strolling down (gracefully?) the red carpet. Tweet me @TheChloeWilde any questions you may have for me, let me know who you’re most excited to see perform and which artist you think will have the best killer red carpet outfit on! :)

Watch the 2013 MMVAs on Sunday at 9E/6P on Much in Canada and Fuse in the U.S. Don’t miss The MMVAs RED CARPET SPECIAL, which airs just before the big show at 8E/5P.

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