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Get to know the nominees: Video of the Year

Posted on June 14th, 2013


There are a lot of music videos nominated every year at the MMVAs, so to help you familiarize yourself with some of this year’s nominees, we’ve written some important study notes! Here is what you need to know about this year’s nominees for Video of the Year.

Marianas Trench – Desperate Measures
About the song/video: Combining references to a number of famous movies, Desperate Measures is part of a narrative that is the band’s latest album, Ever After.
Fun fact: For this video, the band enlisted the help of fans by asking them to create and submit dolls of either their favourite member or the entire band. The guys didn’t think they’d receive that many submissions, but actually ended up with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dolls.

Drake – Started From the Bottom
About the song/video: A humourous music video that follows the rise of Drake, Started From the Bottom shows the rapper as he goes from being promoted at a Shoppers Drug Mart to partying with friends at a mansion far away. Based on a true story (kind of).
Fun fact: The billboard we see in the video is still up in Toronto today and is one of the main billboards people see when they drive in and out of the city.

Serena Ryder – Stompa
About the song/video: Serena’s first single and video for his new album, Harmony, Stompa is a stompin’ track and the video cuts between shots of the singer performing and a younger version of her shooting arrows at different symbols.
Fun fact: In a behind-the-scenes clip, Ryder explained the concept behind the album as an idea similar to the idea behind her album – “if you separate yourself into one element, you will not succeed, you will only succeed if you bring in all of the elements together.”

Classified f. David Myles – Inner Ninja
About the song/video: An inspirational song about anti-bullying, Inner Ninja shows kids bringing out their inner karate kid and learning how to stick up for themselves.
Fun fact: If you think the song title is weird, then you’re not alone. In a JunoTV exclusive, Classified said, “We sat for three days in a row saying, ‘Is this weird? Should we be calling this song Inner Ninja?’”

The Weeknd – Wicked Games
About the song/video: A stark, black and white video, The Weeknd’s Wicked Games is a perfect match for the song and the singer’s sensual and dramatic tone.
Fun fact: This song was originally released on The Weeknd’s first mixtape, House of Balloons, but was released as a single after it was remastered.

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