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Get That Much Closer to MMVA Performer Serena Ryder

Posted on June 12th, 2013


Our cameras got that much closer to 2013 MMVA performer and nominee Serena Ryder and her latest single, What I Wouldn’t Do. The second track from Ryder’s 2012 disc Harmony lends itself perfectly to an emotional performance from the two dancers in the video.

As a love song about water, we had to make sure there was some H2O in the video. Check out five incredible facts about the shooting of the spot below from director Mark Meyers and don’t miss Serena’s performance at the 2013 MMVAs this Sunday at 9E6P!

Five Facts

1. Although it may look like a giant void, the promo was actually shot at a community centre swimming pool.
2. For the underwater scenes, black tarps were used to line the pool and the footage was captured by shooting through a viewing glass.
3. The above water shots were done in the shallow end of the pool and a riser was built for the performers to stand on. The only problem was that the surface was made out of wood, so we had to weigh it down to stop it from floating.
4. Singing under water is harder than it looks, but Serena was able to sing in sync without the help of her track.
5. When Serena is holding the Much logo at the end, the bubbles were created by the director exhaling as he swam by.

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