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Find out how the MUCH digital team brings the MMVAs site to life

Posted on June 14th, 2013


The MUCH Digital team is the reason why you’re currently browsing this beautiful looking website and browsing all of its top notch content. The photos, the blogs, the playlists — that’s thanks to our small, but super efficient online team.

“MUCH Digital has a massive role in the MMVAs,” says Senior Producer of MUCH Digital, Kyle Joe. “It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop where you can get everything you need to find out about the MMVAs, both on web and mobile.”

And one look at the site and, of course, you will see just that. From comprehensive lists of the nominees to a unique look behind the scenes of this year’s show, the digital team has gone above and beyond to bring you the most MMVA content as possible this year.

One of the most exciting, new additions to the MMVA experience that Joe is most excited for fans to see and use is the Turn It Up Second Screen Experience where fans have the option to watch the entire show through a camera that’s fixed on presenters and performers.

That’s just one of our many sponsored projects this year, though. With a Subway contest winner giving us his backstage experience and fashion correspondents, the Beckerman sisters, helping us style our way to Sunday, Joe stresses the importance of these bonus content providers.


“We bring on a lot of additional talent on the weekend of,” he says. “Photographers, card-runners, digital correspondents [...] they’re a really great way to allow the brands to get close with the show and help us get great content at the same time.

“Every year, I think we do more and more things. Our team stays the same, but I think through efficiency and great ideas, we always try to provide more stuff for fans.”

But working all these hours and juggling all these projects must drive people insane, right? How does Joe, and the rest of the team, stay cool?

“Well I’m used to this,” Joe says of himself, this being his 9th year in a row working the MMVAs. “It’s kind of easy now, just taking it one day at a time, having proper lists and good organization – nothing I can’t handle, I’m very excited for this.”

And with a cool, calm and collected boss setting the perfect example for his team, it’s hard not to follow suit.

Oh, and lots and lots of junk food binges. Please send snacks to our office between now and Sunday, please and thank you.

MUCH Digital xx

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