DNCE Reveal The Band Name They Almost Chose

Supergroup DNCE know how to have fun with language. The 2017 iHeartRadio MMVA performers broke onto the music scene with their infectious earworm “Cake By The Ocean” back in 2015, a high energy pop track thats name came from a language barrier over the popular drink, Sex on the Beach.

It was a fitting first single for the band, who have spent the past two years making fans dance without requiring the seemingly important ‘a’ in the word. While it’s difficult to think of the band, comprised of Joe Jonas, JinJoo Lee, Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle as anything other than DNCE, they almost went by another name. Actually, they had a few alternatives lined up.

In a new interview, DNCE admit that before settling on their now famous band name, they toyed with the idea of naming themselves Little Big Area and JinJoo Family Band. The foursome were closest to choosing the name SWAAY, even ordering merch with the band name blazoned on the front. Instead, the band went with SWAAY as the title of their first extended EP and chose DNCE as their official band name.

Speaking with The Huffington Post, frontman Joe Jonas says the final name decision was made after a night of partying so hard that spelling even simple words became a challenge. “We were texting each other thinking of band names and so we were like, ‘This keeps happening to us. We should just stick with this idea … let’s pronounce it D.N.C.E. It took a while to catch on, but it’s kind of like our attitudes. It’s kind of like imperfect and beautiful all at once.”

So, what does DNCE really mean? Whittle sums up the essence of DNCE when asked how he hopes the band will be remembered. “We want to be on the poster of everyone’s bedroom, on the wall, and we want to represent free love, fun, happiness, smiles and funky, funky music.”

Watch the “Kissing Strangers” (feat. Nicki Minaj) lyric video and stream/purchase the hit single now.