DNCE Party Hard With Nicki Minaj In ‘Kissing Strangers’ Video

Party-themed music videos are nothing new, with everyone from Lady Gaga to Maroon 5 to Katy Perry throwing red cups in the air and dancing along to their own music. But for most artists, the parties in their music videos are an exaggeration of what it’s really like to spend a Saturday night with a rock star. In the case of DNCE’s new music video for “Kissing Strangers,” we actually think this is a pretty typical evening for the foursome.

The new video, which the band teased earlier this week, has now dropped in the full and centers around a pretty epic house party. Frontman Joe Jonas handles the party promotion, biking around the city and handing out flyers to every pretty girl he sees. He and bass player Cole Whittle later meet up at a convenience store to pick up party suppliers, finally meeting up with band members JinJoo Lee and Jack Lawless once the party is in full swing.

The DNCE one-night only house party for “Kissing Strangers” features a cameo from the song’s featured artist Nicki Minaj, who let’s be honest, is a dream guest for any party. Minaj even grabs Jonas and leans in for a kiss, which automatically makes him the guy everyone at the party wants to be.

The new video also features guest appearances from some of the dogs who starred in the “Kissing Strangers” lyric video, including Jeremy the Poodle and Harlan the Golden Retriever.

DNCE are set to make their debut on the iHeartRadio MMVA stage on Sunday, June 18 along with previously announced performers Niall Horan, Post Malone, Arkells, Lorde, Imagine Dragons, Iggy Azalea, Julia Michaels and Jazz Cartier.

Although this year marks the first time DNCE has performed at the annual show, frontman Joe Jonas is no stranger to the biggest block party of the year. Along with his brothers Nick and Kevin, Joe co-hosted the iHeartRadio MMVAs back in 2009.

KISSING STRANGERS FT @nickiminaj # 4.14

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