Did You Know: Kat Graham Edition

Kat Graham has always been a part of our lives, with a quiet but determined presence, on both the big and small screen. She started in the background as Posse Member Number Two in Lizzie McGuire but made her way up to a lead role as a fiercely loyal witch and every girl’s dream BFF. So if you’re still wondering, “Where have I seen her?,” the answer is—EVERYWHERE. After Sunday, June 18 you can add the iHeartRadio MMVAs to that list too.

The Parent Trap – Jackie

In 1998, Graham was in one of our favourite childhood films as Annie’s (Lindsay Lohan) friend, Jackie, and was the typical loyal sidekick every girl needs. Skip to the 2:47 mark and see Graham as a cute camper and then 3:19 as a camper ready to throw hands.

“Somebody To Love”- Justin Bieber

After years as a backup dancer, Graham made a cameo on Justin Bieber’s “Somebody To Love” music video, but was disappointed when all they wanted her to do was just, “wear your dress and heels.”


17 Again – Jamie

Graham gave us a glimpse of her flirty side in 17 Again as one of the three high school girls trying to seduce Zac Efron’s character. We bet that wasn’t a disappointing scene to be in.


Honey 2 – Maria Ramirez 

What’s a three-minute music video compared to an entire film of dope choreography performed by Graham? She finally got to show off her dance skills as the lead actor in Honey 2 and owned every single moment.


All Eyez On Me – Jada Pinkett Smith

The Vampire Diaries alum is returning to the screen as Jada Pinkett Smith in All Eyez On Me. Smith and Tupac Shakur were lifelong friends since meeting in high school and Graham will be bringing their memories back to life on June 16. Skip to 1:44 to see Graham in action.


The iHeartRadio MMVAs are live this Sunday, June 18 at 9E/6P.