Channel Serena Ryder With Our Geometric Style Guide

Even though it’s been a few weeks since its release, we still can’t get over the trippy geometric look that Canadian songstress (and MMVA presenter) Serena Ryder decided to embrace for the cover of her newest studio album, Utopia.

Our love for Ryder’s angular, kaleidoscope-esque visuals only grew after we watched the music video for her latest single, Electric Love (which is a straight-up synth pop jam, by the way). So to help you decide what to wear to the MMVAs this Sunday, we thought we’d put together some Serena Ryder-inspired suggestions on how to incorporate geometric patterns into your everyday outfits.


[Knit Top With Strappy Back, $29.95], [Crochet Super Crop Tank, $30.21]



[Empowered A-Line Skirt, $69.99], [Geometric Drape Pants, $29.90]



[Ornate Print Dress, $22.90], [Sleeveless Sheath Dress, $36.24]



[Huarache Slide Sandal, $30.21], [Pewter Ghillie Wedge, $59.99]



[Geometric Print Minaudiere, $45.90], [Holographic Diamond Bag, $22.50]


[Silver Glitter Tape Statement Necklace, $9.99], [Minimalist Geometric Earrings, $6.00]


[Vintage Inspired Sunglasses, $41.30], [Printed Fringe Scarf, $14.50]