Camila Cabello Performs ‘Despacito’ And Obviously Slays

Performing a song in a different language is never easy. For Justin Bieber, the Canadian popstar was so taken with Luis Fonsi’s huge track “Despacito” that he bypassed the English version and recorded the song in Spanish just to be a part of the remix, helping track hit number one, the first mostly Spanish song to top the charts since “The Macarena” in 1996.

During a concert in May, Bieber tried his hand at performing the track live, but stumbled through his verse and forgot most of the Spanish lyrics. For a song with a title that translates to slowly, it moves pretty fast.

Fonsi quickly went on record to give the Biebs a pass, saying the delivery of the lyrics is not only fast but a tongue twister, something that even native Spanish singers would have trouble performing.

One popstar who was no trouble with the hit song is Camila Cabello. While visiting a British radio station, the iHeartRadio Best New International Artist nominee was put on the spot and asked whether she could perform the song in Spanish. The Cuban born, Miami raised bilingual singer not only mastered the fast-paced track, but slayed it. Can we get a remix of a remix with both Bieber and Cabello on “Despacito?” Caliente!

Caballo has yet to announce the title or release date of her upcoming debut solo album, but we are definitely hoping it has a Spanish song or two on it.

If you want to hear the full version of the song, including Bieber nailing his lines, check out the original below and don’t miss Camila Cabello performing at the 2017 iHeartRadio MMVAs on Sunday, June 18 at 9E/6P.