All The Huge Details We Learned About Camila Cabello’s New Album

It may feel like just yesterday that singer Camila Cabello was still part of the hugely popular girl group Fifth Harmony, but in the months since announcing her departure, Cabello has already penned her debut solo album.

The singer sat down with BBC Radio 1 host Zane Lowe in the days leading up to her debut solo performance during Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards performance and the two discussed everything from who inspired the album, to when she knew it was time to leave Fifth Harmony.

Cabello spoke honestly about her fear over leaving her group at the height of its success and revealed what she has planned for own album. Unguarded and unfiltered, Cabello even let it slip that one of the producers on her album has a new album of his own in the near future. We’re excited, Pharrell.

One of Cabello’s favourite collaborators on her new album was fellow singer/songwriter Charli XCX, who called Cabello “one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with.”

“That song’s actually going to be on the album. It’s called ‘Scar Tissue,’” says Cabello of the track she wrote with Charli XCX. “I think there’s also something for me about writing with girls and girl energy that I just feel like we kind of understand each other more, if that makes sense. I’m less afraid with girls to be like, super-emotional.”

Taking four months to stay in the recording studio and immerse herself in recording, Cabello says that many of her songs were already partially written. “From the beginning I knew exactly what things I wanted to talk about and I’ve always known what I liked and what I didn’t like, because this wasn’t my first time writing really. I had been writing while I was on tour with Fifth Harmony in hotels on days off and I couldn’t wait.”

Cabello says that before X Factor, she thought she wanted to be a singer, but thanks to the time in the studio with Fifth Harmony, Cabello says she realized she also wanted to write songs, especially ones that allowed her to express herself. “With Fifth Harmony, we were all vehicles for the group’s identity. It wasn’t necessarily a form of self-expression.”

Talking about when she knew it was time to leave Fifth Harmony, Cabello said, “I think that happened to me as I was discovering my voice as an artist, especially as a songwriter. I just felt like I needed to express that and it was time to sing my story and sing words that were coming from my heart as opposed to words that people were writing for us.”

Leaving Fifth Harmony while the band was at the peak of their success was a scary idea, but one that Cabello was inspired to do by her family. “It’s scary, but my mom has always taught me that when you’re afraid, that’s when you have to make the jump, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the same place your whole life and you always regret what you didn’t do.”

The two discussed a group who has gone through a similar transition, with Lowe comparing Cabello’s exit from Fifth Harmony to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction before their hiatus. Cabello admitted that she cried when Malik left the group, but sees the silver lining of the group’s breakup thanks to new solo efforts showing the boy banders distinct personality. “Now you get to see who the people were inside that group and I think that’s just as exciting.”

Toronto native Frank Dukes is the Executive Producer behind Cabello’s upcoming debut album, with the singer quick to praise the Grammy winner. “He’s amazing,” says Cabello. “I feel like he changed my life, honestly…he has such great taste and he has very high standards for every aspect of the song making.”

One of the most famous songwriters Cabello worked with is also someone she’s a huge fan of—Ed Sheeran. The song is “called ‘The Boy’ and it has this very James Brown, funk-vibe to it,” says Cabello. “It’s really, really fun, because I feel like a lot of the songs that I wrote are pretty heavy and pretty emotional and I feel like that’s a really fun, lighthearted, sassy song.”

Camila says that the ‘hurting’ and the ‘healing’ part of her album are done, but she needs to find inspiration for the ‘loving’ part. “I need to find a boy and I need to go to a party or something,” says Cabello. “I’m waiting on that experience so that I can write about it.”

Cabello says she’s aiming for a September release and though she’s staying quiet on names, she did confirm that the album will have guest vocalists. Thanks to a few specific questions from Lowe, we do know that one of the songs will feature a male rapper. Colour us intrigued.

Check out the full interview between Camila Cabello and Zane Lowe below.