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Your Guideline for Getting Wristbands to the 2013 MMVAs

Posed on May 29th, 2013


MMVAs wristband giveaway starts at 6 pm ET on Friday, June 7 during New.Music.Live. at MuchMusic located at 299 Queen St. West, Toronto at the corner of Queen and John St.

  • You must be at least 14 years old as of Sunday, June 16 to get wristbands. Not 14 in a month. Not 14 on June 17.
  • You must have photo ID with you to get a wristband. We need to see ID with photo AND date of birth. If you do not have a driver's license, photo health card, passport, etc. We will accept a school ID card/TTC card/gym card etc., but it MUST be accompanied by Gov't Issued ID with your date of birth.
  • One wristband per person. You cannot get one for your friend who couldn't make it, even if she is the biggest Ed Sheeran fan in the world. If you get a wristband we will put it on you and you MUST keep it on until the MMVAs on June 16.
  • Wristbands are free. We cannot be bribed. If we could, I'd be writing this from a yacht in Tahiti.


  • If you do not get a wristband you can still totally watch the MMVAs from the street on June 16! And yes, you can still totally see the stages! There are no age limits for watching from the street. We lurve er'body.
  • We will be giving some wristbands away through contests. Keep checking the MMVA 2013 site for updates on contests!


For those who aren't in Toronto or want more opportunities to score wristbands, check out our friends and media partners sites for more wristband giveaways and trips to Toronto.
Toronto - 104.5 CHUM FM
Toronto - Flow 93.5
Toronto - Virgin 99.9
Toronto - CP24
Vancouver - The Beat 94.5
Montreal - Virgin 96
Montreal - The Beat 92.5

Niagara - 105 EZ Rock
Kingston - Fly FM
Kitchener - Kool FM
Peterborough - Energy 99.7
Winnipeg - Virgin 103.1
Edmonton - The Bounce 91.7
Ottawa - Kiss 105.3


How many wristbands are you giving out?
Sorry can't release that number.

I can't make it to MuchMusic on June 7. How can I get wristbands?
Keep checking the MMVA site to find out about contests for winning wristbands.

If I wear the wristband for 9 days before the MMVAs, won't it fall off?
Nope, it's plastic.

Is it safe for me/my kids to line up over night?
Our security staff will be monitoring the line-up at all times.

How will I know where the line-up starts at MuchMusic?
You'll know once you get here, we promise.

What if I don't get a wristband on June 7 and don't win one?
You can still watch the MMVAs from the street. You can also line up to be part of the red carpet, and hopefully get an autograph from your favourite celeb.

When should I begin lining up for a wristband?
You can begin lining up on Tuesday, June 4, but no earlier than 7 a.m. Since we don't know how many people will be lining up we can't tell you when you should join the line. We will update the MMVA site with information on how long the wristband line up extends on a daily basis.

If you have a clear photocopy of your birth certificate or passport, you can bring that instead of the real thing!