Bea Miller Drops New Tracks To Ease Us Into Summer

Bea Miller’s taking her fans on an emotional road trip this summer by launching three-piece portions of her newest EP. On June 2nd she dropped Chapter 2: Red which carries three new tracks and navigates listeners through the healing and rediscovery stage of a breakup. You know, that part when you’re no longer eating ice cream at home but taking cute IG pics of your fresh nails and a decorative treat from the nearest Sweet Jesus?

Miller released the first part of her trilogy, Chapter One: Blue on February 24th and celebrated the arrival of the second chapter by showing off a new tattoo and posting a teaser of the track on her IG.

told you guys you'd know soon… chapter two: red is coming. june 2nd.

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Self-care is important, and Miller reminds us of that with the second track, “Buy Me Diamonds”, where she sheds bad vibes by singing, “You made me feel so unwanted, made the decision to leave you behind”—declaring she wants better things. Like diamonds!

The first of the three songs, “Like That” reflects the singer-songwriter’s frustration with her partner’s neglect when she chants, “when you treat me like that, I only get stronger.” Miller completes the set with “Warmer”—an anthem with a big beat drop that ought to be remixed.

While Chapter 3: Yellow will drop in August, it’s been announced that the entire EP will come together in November with three additional songs. In the meantime, check out Red below and don’t forget to catch Bea Miller present at the iHeartRadio MMVAs on June 18 9E/6P.