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Backstage Correspondent Dan Rodo takes us on a tour of MUCH HQ!

Posted on June 11th, 2013

Lauren Toyota

Hey Everyone, my name is Dan Rodo and I am the 2013 MMVA SUBWAY® Backstage Correspondent! Through out my time at MuchMusic I will be posting blogs, videos, and pictures of everything and anything to do with behind the scenes. You can count on me to cover interesting stuff that a lot of people are curious about such as, what is the MuchMusic building like off set? How many people did it take to build the MMVA stage?

I have completed my first day at MuchMusic and what I have realized was that a lot of things that you don’t think about have a process. For example, a certain stage prop or decoration has to be shipped in just so it can make a shot look awesome in the background or even clearing out an ENTIRE section of the office so they can temporarily build green rooms for the talent. Walking through the building at MuchMusic on my first day was awesome. I would literally see a face that I recognize every 10 seconds! I ran into the VJs (almost literally! You can see in the video my first time meeting Lauren Toyota) and got to see how busy they are off camera and even the entire atmosphere in the building was very hustle bustle. Everyone seemed to have a place to be and something to do.

I got a tour of the entire building and if I had to give it a name I would call it “The World’s Coolest Maze!”. Any wrong turn would lead you to a different set, and would really show you how that show operated. All in all I am getting really excited for the MMVAs this Sunday because I can see the amount of work everyone in the building is putting forth and its going to be great to see the crowd of screaming fans getting hyped up to see their favourite artists.

Check out Dan’s video below and be sure to watch the 2013 MMVAs on Sunday, June 16 at 9E/6P on Much in Canada and Fuse in the U.S. Don’t miss The MMVAs RED CARPET SPECIAL, which airs just before the big show at 8E/5P.

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