5 Reasons Why ‘Melodrama’ Could Be Even Better Than ‘Pure Heroine’

Movie sequels are often letdowns, and sometimes the same can be said about albums. It’s hard not to worry about the quality of an artist’s follow-up record if their musical debut was particularly strong, but some musicians—including Kanye, Nirvana and even The Beatles—have overcome the dreaded sophomore slump. We think that 2017 iHeartRadio MMVA performer Lorde can and will do the same.

2013’s Pure Heroine is, without a doubt, a killer album, but Lorde’s upcoming Melodrama could be even better. Here’s why.


The Benefit of Hindsight

We’ve all had that feeling—you finish an essay or a project and, even though you know it’s amazing, you can’t help but want to go back and make a million changes until it’s absolutely flawless. Lorde is nothing if not introspective, so we’re betting she went the perfectionist route and listened back to Pure Heroine, decided what elements she liked and didn’t like, and kept all of that in mind while pouring her heart and soul into Melodrama.

New Experiences

Lorde herself has admitted itPure Heroine was all about what it’s like to be a teenager (remember, Lorde was just 17 years old when she released her first album), but Melodrama is about “what’s next.” Basically, the time in your life when you’re “not a girl, not yet a woman.”

Three and a half years may not seem like a long time, but the transition from 17 to 20 can be pretty eventful. So despite the fact that Melodrama will, like Pure Heroine, probably be unapologetically poppy, Lorde now has more material to be unapologetically poppy with.


More Resources

Lorde is a bonafide millionaire now, a concept that probably seemed far-fetched when she started recording Pure Heroine back in 2013. That doesn’t mean Lorde will start auto-tuning all of her singles or throwing in violin orchestra interludes just because she can—she still wants to make sure that her album is accessible to everyone, and that it sounds good no matter how and where you listen to it. But the extra cash likely does mean that she was able to afford more studio time, AKA more opportunities to perfect each and every song and work with other recording artists and musicians.

And speaking of other artists…


The Freedom to Collaborate

By now, most Lorde die-hards probably know that the New Zealand songstress worked closely with Bleachers’ frontman Jack Antonoff to write and produce Melodrama. But who else did Lorde work with? Based on the assumption that everyone Lorde approached about potential collabs agreed to work with her (who would turn her down?) as well as a teensy bit of social media sleuthing, we’re thinking that Grimes, Haim, Sam Smith or possibly even bestie Taylor Swift could be featured on the new album.


More Confidence Than Ever

We know Lorde doesn’t care about what people think about her (or her dancing) and that’s part of why we love her so much. But let’s face it—playing Coachella, appearing on Saturday Night Live and being invited to perform a live musical tribute to David freakin’ Bowie is bound to boost anyone’s confidence. This is the perfect time for Lorde to take a risk or two, and we’re hoping that she had enough faith in herself and her talent to take those risks.