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16 Reasons To Be Excited for the MMVAs on Sunday, June 16!

Posted on May 31st, 2013


We’re only 16 days away from the biggest awards show of the year and that means it’s time to reflect on all the jaw-dropping moments we have to look forward to with the MMVAs. From bras to butts, screaming fans to huge contests, there are definitely more than 16 things to get excited about when it comes to MMVAs. But we’re good at summarizing.

Check out the 16 things we’re most excited about for the 2013 MMVAs and don’t miss the show on Sunday, June 16 at 9E/6P!

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16 Reasons to Be Excited for the MMVAs

16 Reasons to Be Excited for the MMVAs ...More16. You can count on many things at the MMVAs. Great music, amazing fashion, the biggest celebs, screaming fans, and something at some point exploding.


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